Castello 4053/54

The restroom of the Bragora (castle 4052) is located in a building recently built.

Designed as room for public showers it was used for that purpose until after World War II.

Monuments and points of interest in the surrounding area

Monumental entrance to the Arsenal, Biennale, campo della Bragora with the Church of the same name, Church of San Martino, riva degli Schiavoni, historical Naval museum.

Restroom technical equipment

  • Entry through turnstiles with coins insertion
  • 4 women’s toilets
  • 4 men’s toilets
  • 1 restroom for disabled people
  • 1 nursery
  • vending machine
  • Disinfection and sanitation with green products and ozone technology
  • Constant presence of 1-2 operators to clean, control and provide coin exchange services

Opening hours from 9 am through 19-20 (depending on the season).

Open until 2 am during fairs and other special events.

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Disabled people