Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma

Calle Cossetti 456/A

The restroom of piazzale Roma (Santa Croce 456) is located at the junction between vehicles and pedestrians in Venice. From this square, in fact, it is not possible to use private cars and here there are countless garages.

Monuments  and points of interest in the surrounding area

Church of San Nicolò da Tolentino, University of Architecture, Court of Venice, public transport tramway, bus and taxi stops as well as stops for the watery transport.

Dotazioni tecniche del servizio

  • Entry through turnstiles with coins insertion
  • 9 women’s toilets
  • 6 men’s toilets
  • 4 restrooms for disabled people
  • 1 nursery
  • electronic hands dryers
  • disinfection and sanitation with green products and ozone technology
  • constant presence of 1-2 operators to clean, control and provide coin exchange services

Opening hours from 8 am through 21.

Open until 2 am during fairs and other special events.

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