Rialto Novo

Rialto Novo

S.Polo 551

The restroom of Rialto Novo (San Polo 551) is located in one of the most animated areas in town with its open air market where fruits and vegetables and fresh fish are sold. Here you can find groceries stores of all kinds, souvenir stands and the  famous “bacari” (venetian bars).

Compulsory stop while visiting the city, for an apéritif or a snack and to live a bit like a venetian.

Monuments  and points of interest in the surrounding area

The area of Rialto is the core from which Venice developed, its first settlements dating from the year 400. Here is located one of the most ancient churches in town, San Giacometto, built around the year 1000. The whole area was a commercial activities area and in fact here there were countless shops, stores for valuable goods, the first banks that were giving loans and exchanging currencies and shops selling luxury products.

Today it is still a benchmark for the Venetian people for buying groceries.

Also there, are the mercantile magistracy building called of the Camerlenghi, the New factories created by Jacopo Sansovino, the Dieci Savi palace, the church of San Giovanni Elemosinario and the church of San Silvestro.

Restroom technical equipment

  • Entry through turnstiles with coin insertion
  • 6 women’s toilets
  • 2 men’s toilets and 2 urinals
  • 1 restroom for disabled people
  • 1 nursery
  • electronic hands dryers
  • vending machine
  • disinfection and sanitation with green products and ozone technology
  • constant presence of 1-2 operators to clean, control and provide coin exchange services

Opening hours:
Everyday: 9:30AM-7:30PM

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